Supplies and services:-

The Falkland Islands is approximately 4700 square miles, 12173 Square Kilometres, consisting of  circa 740 islands, the main two being East and West Falklands.  The Islands are remote with a population  just over 3,000 people . Provisions can vary in availability depending on your location and anywhere outside of the Capital of Stanley, rely on their own power resources and services.  If you have a specific product/item that you need for your time in the Islands we would recommend you bring it with you as it may not be available to buy on the Islands.

 Language - English

Time Zone: - GMT - 4 hours (FI winter ), GMT - 3 hours (FI summer)

 Principle Religion: - Christian/Roman Catholic

 Entry Requirements:

Air travellers will require:-

• A valid passport with at least 6 months validity during visit

No Visa is required for citizens of the EC, Mercosur, USA or British Commonwealth wishing to obtain a temporary visitors permit.  VP issued on arrival based on the following conditions:-

• A return air ticket or other evidence of prepaid onward travel arrangements

• Sufficient funds to cover the expected length of stay in the islands

• Pre-booked accommodation in the islands

• All visitors must have sufficient medical/travel insurance including coverage for medical evacuation by air-lift to a third country, as well as repatriation and air ambulance costs to the value of at least of US$200,000

• Passengers travelling by the RAF Airbridge. Passengers are advised to have a policy in place which covers more than the potential loss of a full return fare. You are advised to check that your insurance policy does not have exclusion for non- commercial flights

 Santiago Airport

When you are flying to the Falklands from Santiago you need to go to the Domestic Terminal rather than the International Terminal, as the flight to Punta Arenas is classed as a domestic flight.

 Arrival Airport/Port:

Mount Pleasant Airport (MPN) – Port Stanley

Military airport, limited facilities.

Bio security:

Relatively free of many major pests and diseases, list of prohibited items available.

Departure Tax (commercial flights only):

£25.00 per person - Debit card and Visa, MasterCard and Cash accepted (£GBP, $USD* or EURO) payable at the airport on departure.

*immaculate condition may be requested.


Falkland Islands Pound (FKP) equivalent to GBP/Sterling (acceptable tender).  The Falklands pound cannot be exchanged once outside the Islands.

 Other Currency:

Euros and Dollars* accepted at some commercial outlets.  *immaculate condition may be requested.


We would recommend that all clients bring with them to the Islands a certain amount of Sterling (British pounds) in order to cover any expenses not covered by the cost of the itinerary.  In Stanley payment can also be made in some outlets by credit or debit card.  Outside of Stanley cash is only usually accepted.


One bank in Stanley, currently there are no cash machines anywhere within the islands.

 FIGAS     (Falkland Islands Government Air Service)

Flight schedules for our internal air service are arranged on a daily basis, according to demand.  The time of departure and routing are announced in the evening prior to departure.  Departure times can vary from 0700 to late afternoon; the length of flight depends on the routing.  For safety reasons, luggage allowances are limited to 20 kilos per passenger. Excess baggage may be carried at a charge of £1.40 per kilo, per flight sector.  Advance notice of excess baggage is required.

 International Dial Code: - (00) 500

 Electrical Supply:

Standard British 3 pin plugs  – 220/240V/50Hz

 Climate and Temperature:

Oceanic, summers tend to be dry but windy

Summer: 8c – 20c Winter: 1c – 10c

 What to Wear:

Lighter layers of clothing, wind/waterproof jacket with hood and walking boots.  All four seasons can be experienced in one day, so you should pack with flexibility in mind.

Inside lodges/houses it is customary to remove outdoor footwear before entering.

Sun and wind Protection:

Sun/wind screen is required due to strong sun and wind, purity of air, lack of shade.  Also sunglasses and lip balm, hats and ear protection are also highly recommended.


None required for the Falklands, if travelling via South America check for current requirements.


Hospital and dental facilities are available in Stanley


If you are taking a prescription medicine be sure to bring both your prescription and medication with you as a replacement medicine might not be readily available

 Telephone and Internet

'Sure' the local telecommunications provider offer mobile/cell phone pay as you go packages for short term visitors.  International roaming services are available for some UK and international pre-paid telephone networks. 

 Internet ‘Sure’ provide Wi-Fi Hotspots in various locations around the Islands to provide access to the internet, this is charged on a pay as you go basis and Wi-Fi cards can be purchased from various outlets.A £5 Wi-fi/phone card will give you 50 minutes of internet surfing.

 Signal outside Stanley varies. Wi-fi is not available everywhere.  Please check the Sure website for full details and the latest information.  www.sure.co.fk

 Public Holidays:

Christmas Day,  Boxing Day,  27th December ,  New Years day,  Good Friday,  Queens Birthday (21st April),   Liberation Day (14th June),   Spring Holiday (1st Monday in October),  Battle Day (8th December).


The Penguin News produced on a weekly basis, no other newspapers available

 Television & Radio:

A small selection of channels are available with only one local channel FITV that produce a weekly news program, souvenir DVDS can be purchased.  FIRS is the local radio station.


Local term for traditional coffee/tea break with homemade cakes and biscuits.


Smoking is not permitted inside.  Some accommodation and lodges will have dedicated outside smoking areas.

Be extra careful if smoking as wildfires can start. Take cigarette butts away with you.


A term used to describe locations outside of Stanley.

Driving speed limits and conditions:

Stanley 25mph and 40mph on the open road

Roads vary in condition and material, along with changeable weather conditions, meaning great care and attention must be applied when driving in the Falkland Islands.    Off Road driving is prohibited by most car hire companies.

Off Road transportation:

Most locations and tours will involve an off-road journey, normally conducted in a 4x4 vehicle which vary in lengths of time and can be a full day.  If you find discomfort by being seated for periods of time in bumpy terrain please advise at the time of booking.

Public transportation:

There is no public road transportation, e.g. buses.


Taxis are available in Stanley, but may at times provide a limited service.

Tap Water:

Stanley water is clean and safe to drink, check with host for camp locations, for those who prefer bottled water is also available.

Post Office & Shops:

There is a Philatelic and Post office, along with several souvenir and food, retail shops in Stanley.  Opening hours can vary and sometimes dependant on cruise visitors.


Not compulsory – personal discretion

Countryside Code:

  1. Always ask permission before entering private land.

  2. Keep to paths wherever possible.  Leave gates open or shut as you find them.

  3. Be aware of the high fire risk throughout the Islands.  Be extra careful if smoking. Take cigarette butts away with you.

  4. Do not drop litter.  Take your rubbish home with you.*

  5. Do not disfigure rocks or buildings.

  6. Do not touch, handle, injure or kill any wild bird or other animal.*

  7. Never feed wild animals.

  8. Always give animals the right of way.  Remember not to block the routes of seabirds and seals coming ashore in their colonies.

  9. Try to prevent any undue disturbance to wild animals. Stay on the outside of bird and seal colonies. Remain at least 6m (20ft) away.  When taking photographs or filming stay low to the ground.  Move slowly and quietly. Do not startle or chase wildlife from resting or breeding areas.

  10. Some plants are protected and should not be picked.  Wildflowers are there for all to enjoy and should be left where they are found.*

  11. Whalebones, skulls, eggs or other such items may not be exported from the Falkland Islands. They should be left where they are found.*

     * Such actions (with few special exceptions) may constitute an offence in the Falkland Islands and could result in fines up to £3,000.

    We have covered some of the general information which may be helpful in planning your visit, but if you have any particular questions or queries please let us know.

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