Gentoo Penguins
Can be seen all year around in the Falkland Islands. Breeding starts in late September with egg laying in mid October. Incubation is around 33/34 days. Young Gentoo Penguins are fully moulted by late January and enter the sea late February/March.

Magellanic Penguins
Return to the Falkland Islands in mid September. Egg laying begins in mid October with incubation of around 38-41 days. Fledglings leave burrows in mid January. Adults leave area after moulting end of March beginning of April.


Black necked and Coscoroba Swans – many wildfowl on ponds.

Endemic Species:
Flightless Steamer Duck
 – Breeding commences from mid September to mid October. One of the two Endemic species. Falklands Flightless Steamer DuckTachyeres brachypterus.

Cobbs wren – Troglodytes cobbi

Endemic sub-species
White tufted Grebe
Upland Goose – Egg laying early September/October – incubation 30 days and fully feathered in 9-10 weeks.
Black crowned night heron
Kelp Goose
Ground tyrant
Short-eared owl
Black-throated finch
Long-tailed Meadowlark
Grass wren
Falklands pipit
Falklands thrush

Many of the Falklands birds lay their eggs in October/November and have young in December. For further information please contact Falkland Islands Holidays.