The Falklands has an abundance of wildlife much of which is very tame and approachable, it has been liken to the Galapagos by some visitors. You will have the opportunity to sit on a beach in total isolation and the penguins will come up to investigate you!

The endangered striated caracara will go for a walk with you, but hang onto your camera; he is partial to anything shiny! 

Try to keep your hat whilst the Skua dives and swoops overhead you as you take a stroll. The Elephant seal, Fur Seal and Southern Sea Lion are magnificent and why not do a spot of whale and dolphin watching as they hunt and play in the surf.

The Falklands truly are a unique place to view these beautiful creatures in their natural habitat.

More than 227 species of bird have been identified in the Falklands, including 800,000 black-browed albatross, 770,000 penguins, Gentoo, Magellanic, Rockhopper, King and Macaroni.

There is also a wide variety of flora and fauna, 350 species recorded, of which 13 are endemic and 173 are native.  Keep an eye open for the pretty Vanilla Daisy and Lady’s Slipper.

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