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Falkland Islands Holidays offer tailor made itineraries for the discerning traveller covering all interests whether they be specialised, such as Ornithology, Photography, War History, Fishing or those travellers who require a more general itinerary that will incorporate the wildlife, community, geography and hospitality of the Islands.

We cater for all holiday budgets, single or group travel, any tour length and also offer superb “add on” itineraries for those travelling through South America and Antarctica, the possibilities are endless.

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The islands offer you the chance to experience some of the worlds most beautiful & thrilling wildlife locations at your leisure.       

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The Falkland Islands are situated in the South Atlantic, 400 miles from the coast of South America and 850 miles north of the Antarctic circle. They are located between latitude 51º and 53º S, roughly the same latitude south as London is north.

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The Falkland Islands are made up of approximately 740 islands, the main two being East and West Falklands, with the total land mass covering around 4,700 sq miles, or about the same size as Wales. The British first claimed the islands in 1592 when sighted by Captain John Davis of the Desire.