"Many thanks again for your arrangements and the resulting great holiday for us all. Do not hesitate in passing on my details to anyone who wants to talk to someone who "has been".

This is a photo of "Murphy" who we adopted at Volunteer Point via the Conservation Group. He is named after our dog here at home!"

 John & Brenda




Thank you for the arranging of an excellent holiday.

The Falklands are really spectacular Rosey and I soaked up the atmosphere.
Can I commend your lodge hosts and tour guides, really know how to treat visitors.
Accommodation and food was also excellent.
Please let Sue know how much we enjoyed the trip and the assistance she gave us.
Lastly yourself, thanks for the 'on the spot' arrangement of supplies when our bags failed to arrive, also your help in finding them.
Great trip, great people, I could go on..........and the penguins.

Keep the Falklands cool.

Peter & Rosey


Many thanks for sending me the FIGAS schedules and my FIGAS ticket to keep as a souvenir.

Sue did a fantastic job taking care of my needs in Stanley, I am confident Sue will do well in her new job. 

I would like to thank you for working on the details of my trip to the Falklands. The trip you designed for me was exactly what I was hoping for, you took the time to advise me, and make sure my visit to the islands was enjoyable. Thank you, Arlette. 

Arlette Betts, Rob and Lorraine McGill and Jenny Luxton were all wonderful hosts. Sadly, Jenny is having problems with her knee and it is obvious that the situation is getting her down.



My name is Marc Delbreil (France) and I came to the Falklands with a friend, Marc Mailler, from 29 September 2012 to 15 October 2012.

During this stay, on Saunders Island, I fell and I broke my left arm. 

Our evacuation from Saunders, my hospitalization in Port Stanley, the accommodation for my friend Marc Mailler and the accompaniment to the hospital and for the rest of our stay was provided by Mrs. Arlette Bloomfield.

We would especially like to praise the quality of services provided by Mrs. Bloomfield on behalf of Stanley Services , the speed and effectiveness of its interventions : I was wounded at 10:00 am and I was operated in the late afternoon of the same day.

We have been deeply touched by her professionalism, kindness and humor.

We will provide positive publicity for your services.

Continue to surround yourself with skilled colleagues such as Mrs Arlette Bloomfield.

We wish to express our gratitude to Stanley services.

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