Review of Birdfair 2017

Over the three day event there were seven lectures about the Falklands, but also South Georgia and Antarctica which touched on the Falklands.

Amongst the speakers were Tim Melling talking "Penguins, Prions & Petrels".  Margaret Carr known for her work with Falklands Conservation gave a talk on "Falklands hundred years" wait for announcement of second endemic passerine and Martin Beaton who runs Weddell Islands Lodge, Talk on "Birds of the Falkland Islands (including Penguins).

FITV (Falkland Islands Television) also provided promotional footage of the Islands for a large screen that was located in the main refreshment area in the centre of Birdfair, showing footage of the Islands and enticing people to visit the Falkland Islands stands.  This was looped throughout the event.


Falkland Islands Conservation had a book signing of a new book by Robin Woods "The Birds of the Falklands" which sold out of copies.  The book is to be used in conjunction with his previous publication "Birds and Mammals of the Falkland Islands"


Thank you for everyone for visiting us and good to see some familar faces and lots of new ones, if we missed you this year we look forward to seeing you next year in Rutland or on Island in the Falklands

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