Weddell Island

Weddell Island, situated to the west of West Falkland is the largest and possibly the wildest of the offshore islands just over an hour's direct flight from Stanley. It is a superb island for hiking, both up and around Mount Weddell with miles of spectacular coastline to explore.  Weddell is home to an impressive range of flora and fauna and various wildlife, such as Gentoo and Magellanic penguin with a wide variety of other birdlife including hawks and numerous smaller breeds.  Albatross and Petrel can be observed offshore.  Weddell Island is also home to other unique inhabitants, the Patagonian fox and a few reindeer which were introduced to the islands in recent years. 


The Cottages are equipped for self catering and a catered option is also available.

Tours to Loop Head nature reserve and other locations around the island can be included in your itinerary if you stay two nights.

Internet available.

Weddell Island Weddell Island wolf
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