Pebble Island

Named after the unusual and attractive pebbles found on the beaches, this 24 mile long island is the third largest in the archipelago.  Sandy beaches, moorland and rocky peaks, extensive ponds and wetlands which are home to some 42 breeding bird species including over 1000 pairs of Imperial Shags, Gentoo, Magellanic and Rockhopper penguins. Eight of the Falkland endemic plants grow on the island including the Vanilla Daisy and the Lady’s Slipper.

Off road tours offer the chance to visit both the East and West end of the islands, both offering an array of wildlife and historical sites.

Pebble made the headlines during the 1982 conflict when British Forces attacked the islands' Argentine-occupied airstrip. Today, fly-in visitors to Pebble Island land on the same airstrip raided by the SAS in 1982. A small cairn near the airstrip commemorates the action.

There is also the memorial to the H.M.S. Coventry which, was bombed and sunk some 11 miles north of Pebble on 25 May 1982


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