Port Howard

Port Howard is the largest privately owned settlement on West Falkland with a permanent population of twenty. Most of the people are employed by Port Howard Farm which runs 45,000 sheep.

There are many things do at Port Howard

  • some of the best sea-trout fishing in the world can be accessed from here
  • you can play golf at Clippy Hill or one of several other challenging courses nearby with low green fees and definitely no queues
  • day excursions are available to see the local wildlife and individual itineraries can be arranged.

There are two excellent rivers for sea-trout within a short drive from Port Howard Lodge - The Warrah and The Chartres.

The Warrah rises in the foothills of Muffler Jack Mountain (named after a shepherd in the early 1900's who always wore a scarf) and runs for twenty miles to the sea. The Warrah has a reputation for the quality of its fish rather than the quantity - in the 2000/2001 season, 13 sea-trout over eight pounds were logged.

The Chartres has fewer large fish but bags of ten or more 3 to 6 pounders are regularly caught.


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