Stanley, situated in the North East of East Falkland, with a population of approximately 2115 (2006 census) which is 85% of the overall population of the islands, (2478), is the most remote and smallest capital in the world.

Despite its relatively small size, Stanley offers all the amenities and interests expected of a capital. A small, tidy and colourful town, Stanley is must for all our clients, being both a place to relax for a couple of days, taking in the walks around the town, the museum, war memorials and the hospitality of the town's people, and a destination to plan day trips in to the surrounding countryside.

Some of the day trips available from Stanley include visits to:

  • Volunteer Point - largest breeding colony of over 1600 King penguins in addition to colonies of Magellanic & Gentoo penguin - travel overland in 4 x 4 vehicle passing Johnsons Harbour and onto Volunteer Beach (approx 2.5 hour drive)
  • Cape Dolphin - 4 x 4 travel to the north coast of East Island - Gentoo and Magellanic penguins, King and Rock Cormorants and small colony of southern sea Lions. Varied waterfowl, including Black-necked Swans can be found on the many ponds. (Approx 3.5 hour drive)
  • Cape Bougainville - very scenic 4 x 4 drive to north coast. Large Rockhopper rookery, King Cormorants and perhaps the chance to see Macaroni penguin with growing number of sea lions.
  • Kidney Cove - 4 x 4 travel across to Mount Lowe area and visit the scenic cliffs home to Rockhopper penguin and travel along to the beach area to view Magellanic rookery and small numbers of King Penguins amongst the main rookery.
  • Goose Green, Darwin and San Carlos - Visit the British Cemetery at Blue Beach and the Argentine Cemetery at Darwin taking in various battle sites throughout the tour. Visit the small museum dedicated to the 1982 conflict based at San Carlos.
  • Kelp Point - The opportunity to see Elephant seals on mainland East Falkland - Scenic drive cross country and a chance to see Gentoo, Black-necked swans on the ponds and various other birdlife and flora & fauna (Approx 2 hour drive)


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