Volunteer Point

Named after the ship Volunteer, Volunteer Point is part of the Johnson's Harbour Farm which covers around 36,000 acres. Volunteer beach is a 2 mile long white sandy beach, bordered by high grassy banks that provide ideal habitats for three species of penguins: Gentoo, Magellanic and King.

The Volunteer point King penguin colony is the largest in the Islands, with around 1,300 adults, rearing 400 chicks each year. Over 1,000 pairs of Gentoo penguins are resident all year round at Volunteer Point, and many other bird species have been recorded in the area, such as several breeding pairs of Falkland skua who target some penguins for eggs or young.


Although there is no lodge accommodation available at Volunteer Point it is sometimes possible to stay at the Wardens House - this is based on individual requirements as space is very limited and no more than 4 people can stay at any one time. This is not a purpose built facility so please do not expect ensuite rooms and luxury furnishings but the warden offers a warm welcome and it is ideal for the avid photographer who wishes to stay until the last light fades!  Most clients visit Volunteer Point as an organized day trip with driver/guide from Stanley by 4x4 vehicle - please ask for more details if an overnight stay is required.

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