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The weather in the Islands can be compared to that of a UK spring, with temperatures varying between 8 - 20 degrees throughout the season.

Travellers are advised to bring lighter layers of clothing rather than thick heavy jumpers, a good wind/waterproof jacket with hood and stout walking boots as clients may incorporate some rough terrain to reach the best wildlife sites.

Suntan lotion and lip salve are highly recommended due to the purity of the air - the sun can tend to burn unprotected skin quite quickly.

A pair of indoor shoes is also advisable.


The Falklands pound is equivalent to Sterling. British notes and coins circulate freely in the Islands. Exchange facilities are available at the Standard Chartered Bank located in Stanley.

Travellers cheques are accepted at most commercial outlets as are Visa, MasterCard and American Dollars. There are no cash machines in the islands.

No special requirements or vaccinations are required for visitors . However, if you are travelling to us via South America, you may wish to check current requirements with your GP. Hospital/Dental facilities are readily available.

All visitors should ensure they have adequate medical insurance.


Standard UK 220/240 volts – 3 pin plugs – adaptors may be required by South American/USA clients.


Tipping is not compulsory in the islands!  However, if you feel you have been given an excellent service, whether it is from an individual driver/guide or a staff member at your accommodation, then please feel free to tip at your discretion.


The international dialing code for the Falkland Islands is 500.  Most accommodations offer telephone and or Internet access.  The communication provider, SURE does have several phone and WiFi hotspots around Stanley. Phone/Wifi cards & top-ups can be purchased from various businesses and retail outlets in Stanley.

You may be able to use SURE roaming service to use your own SIM card, please check their website for a current list of roaming partners Click here. Alternatively they can also offer mobile/cellphone packages for short term visitors.


There is one bank in Stanley (Standard Chartered Bank Plc), a post office and philatelic bureau.  There are several restaurants, cafes and bars where clients may purchase food and beverages as an alternative to the main hotel restaurant.  There is a “Jetty Visitor Centre” where visitors will find an array of information, leaflets and visitor guidebooks free of charge.

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