Experience Latin America

Jenny and Michelle both felt that ELA had grown and that it had been an excellent venue to attend to promote awareness of the Falklands and what we have to offer  There was a huge amount of interest and everyone we saw was very enthusiastic  about adding the Falklands to their brochures and selling the Islands as a standalone destination , an add on to Southern South America or from Cruise Ships.

This is the second year of the event and it is larger than last year, attracting 120 DMCs, hotels, airlines, cruise companies and tourist boards from across Latin America.  During the three day event there are plenty of opportunities to meet and develop relationships with key UK and European Tour Operators & Travel Agents to grow business to Latin America.

It’s an invaluable opportunity for Falkland Island Holidays to build brand and destination awareness to a targeted audience.  We felt it was worthwhile for us to attend and we are looking forward to reaping the benefit next season.

Jenny and Michelle attended several seminars and one was on exclusive Wedding destinations, having listened to several comments about beach weddings – Jenny suggested there would be no better location than on a white sandy beach full of penguins in the Falkland Islands ! This obviously made an impression, since several people commented on it at the AGM held Thursday evening.

Falkland Islands Holidays are always looking for new products to sell, so if you provide tourist services with the Falkland Islands and have a new service or facility then let us know and we will promote and sell it for you.